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Hi there all you web masters!

First Of all : If you have a Trance site then Place 1 of these Banners on your site ,then email me with ur URL i'll check it out and i'll place your banner or link on my page..

link it to :

Now The making money part:

All Clicks inc is an excellent Way for a web master to make money.They pay 0.3 cents a click.Doesnt dound like much does it...BUT! you can link to anything you want .No banners of their's for ppl to clicks on.You can link to any text , pic's , or even your enter button.Theyre not fakes coz i've gotten one check already from them.

The best way to make need to depen on ppl clicking banner ad's...get the $$$ flowing in

And they pay to anywhere.not like those pay to surf the net type sites which are only for u if you live in us or canada and some other select countries.