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Astral Projection are The GODS OF GOATRANCE..Check out few of their tracks , If you dont Have all their albums then this will DEFINATELY convince you to get it.!!!!

The following are a few tracks from each of their albums

There main albums are Trust in trance,Astral files another world& more recently Dancing Galaxy.

(a few links may not work but dont worry i'll upload them in some time)

The another world RA files are from Click here to go there and buy the astral projection cd


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Another World (RA files)

1. Nilaya (ra) (mp3)

2.Another World (ra) (mp3)

3.Visons Of Nasca (ra)

4.Searching fro UFO's (ra)

5.Mahadva (from

6.Closer remix (mp3)

7.FLY (mp3)

8.Emusica-damage A.P mix (mp3)

9.A.P jedi bastards remix (mp3)

10.Some A.P song havent checked if it works (mp3)


My Picks

Check out the astral projection section mp3's and real audio from them.Cosmosis page has some demos and a cool VIDEO of them playing live.Infected Mushroom THE GATHERING listen to their album in real format online.the Dj mary jane page is also cool, i really like those mp3's.A whole Trance cd for you to download in the 604 cd section.Link from where its realeased online.Pychedelic pics are gonna come soon ok so just hang ok.I'll aslo be putting up a list of trance online shops where you can buy trance/psy trance/goatrance cd's


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Infected Mushroom

Astral Projection



604 Cd


Dj Mary Jane top 200 goa


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